Too many ads. How do I remove ads.

Thanks for the feedback! We try to make a reasonable balance within the game. The core features of Wordscapes are completely free to play and any purchase is optional. For a small fee, you can purchase ad removal which removes all ads from our advertisers, including the banner ads at the bottom of the screen. Ad removal is a one-time permanent purchase! 

Creating and running quality games such as Wordscapes takes significant funds, so at some point, we hope it is interesting enough for people to spend money for hints or to remove ads if they seem bothersome. We appreciate you playing and hope that you continue to enjoy the game! If you would like to upgrade to the paid version you can tap the coin balance near the shopping cart on the top right-hand corner of the screen. Please make sure that you scroll fully through the in-app store as ad removal is generally listed towards the bottom! 

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