1. Thanks so much for the quick response & for fixing my issue! AWESOME support!

  2. how do I clear data out and start over as if new player?

  3. I lost interest after my daily puzzle data reset after a month and I never achieved the 500.

  4. use less data. can't believe how much the app has used

  5. inform your users that you've useless security and have exposed their personal data to hackers.

  6. need to find out how to restore my game to my current level instead of having to start over

  7. Fix the game so that words are actually credited when played during loss of internet connection - as was told to me in a previous response.

  8. i got a new phone and kept all my data and apps the same. But it's wanting me to start over from the beginning. How do i go about this?

  9. Brilliance points

  10. Recently I somehow saw Brilliance data, highest scores over time periods and by country. How do I get this again?

  11. Didn’t receive any reward for latest tournament

  12. Non Facebook account login

  13. Please fix the Battery Life Issue

  14. get rid of all video ads don't mind them top or bottom headers but a video ads using my data to play it after every ten sec is ridiculous

  15. is there an activity log? I am trying to find what caused a data hit on my phone at a certain time & want to see if it was the game. thanks

  16. Why not let us restart at beginning?

  17. Worst customer service ever!!!

  18. Tournament closed now?

  19. buying coins should be harder

  20. Got to level 4852 but finally had to delete the app because it was taking up more than 12 gb

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