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    Omnomnom commented  · 

    SwedishChef - glad to see you got your name back :)

    WizeOwlz leader - congrats on building a formidable team.

    "Hey Omnomnom... checked out WhamJam... Impressive BUT min 1000??? We only require 600 over 2 weeks. I keep an Excel spreadsheet to track my teams progress and we're a Family fist team. If a teammate can't play one week because family calls, they make it up another week. How many wins last season. You have 42 members. WizeOwlz has 28. We were 1st in 3, top 4 in all 8. Our 28 Teammates had 7 DIAMOND CRUSTED GOLD TOP CROWNS. Your 42 Teammates had only 12, and BURN.... YOU WERE NOT ONE OF YOUR 12. In fact, your 317k Brilliance didn't quite hit our average Brillance. So maybe your better teammates want to jump ship and JOIN the WizeOwlz LOL LOL LOL"

    WizeOwls sounds like a great leader, I invite everyone to please join WizeOwlz.

    If their team is full, then take a look at WhamJam. Or compare our recruitment posts and decide for yourself. We're not a family fist team, but we are a family first team.

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    Omnomnom commented  · 

    Thanks Angel,

    That's ok. You know where to find us should things change!

    <hide message from Angel>
    Could the leader of the team Angel is on please boot them so they need to find a new home. Thanks.

    Pretty sure this is how coding works, right?
    </hide message from Angel>

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    Omnomnom commented  · 

    Hi All,

    Tournament weekend is fast approaching again. So, here’s some WhamJam tips and tricks to climb the leaderboard.

    Guys (and or girls): Time to wax those hands. We estimate an increased swiping speed of 0.02 words per hour with aerodynamic enhanced hairless hands. Get the edge on your competitors.

    Girls (and or guys): Say goodbye to that tiger-print stiletto manicure and trim your nails. Long fingernails account for 16% of swiping errors during rapid word-making.

    If you’re after:
    • More strategic insights
    • A team where everyone scores a minimum of 1000
    • Some good banter and friendly chat
    • A message board where potato chat is banned

    Join WhamJam!

    - Omnomnom

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    Omnomnom commented  · 

    Sheesh. Looks like there's a lot of conflict and drama in other teams.

    I've not been involved in any of this, nor do I wish to be in the context of this game and forum. Whilst I understand the importance of shedding light on these issues and being an advocate for change, these are conversations for the real world.

    "But Omnomnom, this is the real world, I'm sitting at my computer or on my phone reading this". Not exactly.

    For many people, games, Wordscapes included, are an escape from reality. A chance to take a break, reset the mind, and play with a global community.

    You may argue that these issues should be raised everywhere, and no-where has the right to bury their heads in the sand. But everyone has the right to relax, and if you can't do that whilst playing a simple word game, then I don't know what else to tell you.

    I hope this will be my only 'serious' post required, as I can assure you WhamJam is free from any political or other topics of conflict.

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    Omnomnom commented  · 

    Hey SwedishChef,

    Thanks for reposting my recruitment post to keep it near the top, much appreciated. Glad you all enjoyed the potato 'theme'... yes, theme. I wasn't serious at all about having potato recipes. Ahem.

    Shroom - glad to hear you've decided to join us, looking forward to talking in the team chat when you jump aboard.

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    Omnomnom commented  · 

    Shroom - we won our tournament with only 28 players and started much earlier this time so there was a little more competition. If you and any other active players join us, we should be set to clear 200k points per tournament.

    We don't rule with an iron fist, as we're all here to have fun - but we do make sure all members are active and have a bit of a chat during the week :)

    We'd be glad to have whoever you'd like to bring along - let me know!

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    Omnomnom commented  · 

    Shroom - how'd your team go this weekend? Our offer still stands for you and your friends to join, we seem to have similar goals.

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    Omnomnom commented  · 

    WhamJam has places open for anyone seeking an active team. Currently winning weekly tournaments and getting stronger every week.

    Whether your team-mates aren't pulling their weight, or if they're just starting to emit strange odors, jump over to WhamJam - you'll like it here.

    We have:
    • Mashed potato recipes
    • People with profile pictures of dogs
    • Baked potato recipes
    • Holiday recommendations (back when we were all allowed to go on vacation)
    • A team member with a name based off a vessel for drinking coffee
    • A minimum requirement of 1000 points in team tournament
    • A friendly and competitive bunch of players

    So if you want to join a friendly team on the rise, give me a shout.

    No Jam was harmed in the making of our team-name.

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    Omnomnom commented  · 

    I'm glad you've all shared some potato recipes, though not so glad you all buried my recruitment post :p Also sorry to here there's a lot of drama that seems to be going on in the other teams, it's a word game and we should all be here to have fun. For any of you wandering nomads feel free to join WhamJam, but leave the conflicts behind!

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